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The ELACIN ER Flexcomfort is a hearing protector with a revolutionary filter that provides a flat attenuation in the frequency range 125 – 8000 Hz.

The sound reproduction is maintained thanks to the flat attenuation, without distortion. In practice, it is the how-to for lowering the volume of the sound source.

For this, ER Flexcomfort is perfectly suited to those who work in environments where maintaining the intelligibility of sound and speech is of great importance.

The standard hearing protection (disposable or pre-formed) are not suitable for people who work in these environments. They often attenuate more sound than is necessary.

In particular, the high frequencies are disproportionately attenuated, causing the natural sound to be heavily distorted and the intelligibility is compromised.

Ear protectors ELACIN ER Flexcomfort are produced in soft silicone.

You can choose from three different types of filter: ER9, ER15, ER25.

The values of the filters depend on the external volume.
The three filters are equal in size and can therefore be easily interchanged.


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