Our Custom In Ear Monitors are designed to attenuate external high sound levels that are potentially harmful, permitting clear and defined sound at a lower volume.
Used properly,LIVEZONER41 Custom In Ear Monitors can protect your hearing consistently by attenuating ambient sound of about 26 dB, therefore allowing listening at a lower sonorous level.

How to insert the LIVEZONER41 Custom In Ear Monitors

The LIVEZONER41 Ear Monitors are entirely handmade and built to fit into your ears in a precise and comfortable manner; therefore it is important, in order to maximize the comfort and acoustics that the earphones are inserted properly.
The left ear is marked with a reference (initial or point), in blue and the right earpiece with a reference in red. Grasp the earphones so that the cables point upward and with a gentle twisting motion of the hand insert them in the ears by arranging and obtaining a comfortable isolation from the outside.
To remove them, pry the bottom of the earphones (opposite to the cable) and slowly remove. Do not use the cable for the extraction.

Never use the cord for the extraction of the earphones.


The LIVEZONER41 Custom In Ear Monitors can reach and exceed 130 dB SPL.

We therefore recommend to not exceed the suggested volume in order to avoid possible damage to your hearing. Protect your hearing. It is one of your tools for work.

Output volume always at the minimum

Always ensure that the output volume of the device being used is always rotated to the minimum before connecting LIVEZONER41 Custom In Ear Monitors

They should be stored in their container

When not in use, the LIVEZONER41 Custom In Ear Monitors should be stored in their container, taking care to remove any accumulation of earwax and moisture, and always keeping them in
a cool, dry place away from heat sources.

For cleaning

We advise the use of wet wipes making sure you then wipe them with a soft cloth. For the removal of ear wax use the special cleaning tool. Never insert any hard object into the holes of the earphones, and avoid blowing directly into the earphones.

Avoid any impact or fall of the earphones.


LIVEZONER41 provides a guarantee on the precise adaptability of the moulds (earphones) for a period of 30 days from the date of purchase. The guarantee is valid for 24 months for the private consumer (a person who buys goods for purposes not related to his professional activity, or making the purchase without indicating on an order form any reference to VAT);

12 months for purchases made by a company, holders of VAT, according to Directive 99/44 / EC and for Italy according to the Law of February 2, 2002 n. 24 for: defects in material or workmanship on the Shell or the external and/or electronic components.


  • Damage or accidental breakage (hard impact – squashing – falls etc.)
  • Treatment or care
  • Use contrary to the instructions provided by LIVEZONER41
  • Tampering
  • Modification of any part of the product including the cable
  • Consumable materials such as cables

Repair Times

The repair time will depend on the type of problem (which must always be specified by the user at the time of shipment for any repairs), and repair time will be announced at the time of the inspection of the product in our laboratories.