"Balanced Armature" is the term used for an electroacoustic transducer primarily designed to increase the efficiency of the electrical system, eliminating the stress of the diaphragm characteristic of many other electromagnetic transduction systems (from Wikipedia). Due to its high efficiency, it can obtain extremely reduced dimensions and elevated sound pressures that are equal to the power that other types of devices such as Moving coil can not have. In addition to its compact size and drivers, it can realize multi-way devices, which is not possible with dynamic drivers.

Our Ear Monitors are multi-way systems, where the audio band is divided by an internal passive crossover SMD (miniaturized) between different dedicated drivers. In practice, one or more drivers (depending on the model) are used to reproduce low frequencies and another driver is used to reproduce high frequencies, thus obtaining a more extensive and ideal frequency response, lower distortion, finer detail and greater efficiency (SPL).

The LiveZoneR41 Ear Monitors are extremely efficient devices, and they average between 118 and 122 dB SPL @ 1mW and therefore amply cover the dynamic range of the ear. This results in several advantages. First, they do not need great powers, so even with headphone amplifiers that underperform they are able to return a volume that is more than sufficient. Second, in situations of particular difficulty (very noisy stages, stadiums that are very reverberant etc.) they are not likely to go into crisis, as already with 1mW at 1kHz they are able to reproduce about 122 dB SPL and then with 10 mW for example, they reproduce 132 dB SPL, which is a value far beyond the pain threshold. Always remember to turn the volume down to a minimum when LiveZoneR41 are connected to any device. Always protect your hearing!

Our Ear Monitors belong to the “passive noise cancellation” category and thanks to their precise sealing, they allow isolation from external noise by about 26 dB, therefore the signal / noise ratio increases precisely to 26 dB, and this allows you to be able to listen to a lower volume, thus reducing the risk of permanent damage to the hearing. Thanks to the possibility of choosing the "Live" option you can choose to be isolated and enjoy quality sound, or even let in a part of external sound, and add in that way the Live sensation.

Our Ear Monitors are made starting with an impression of the customer’s ears, and therefore allow an elevated wearability that guarantees extreme comfort and precise reproducibility of acoustic characteristics. In addition, our department of customizations can customize your headset with designs, colours etc. Take a look at the ZoneArt" area!!

You can see an example below.

LivezoneR41 is an Italian brand, we design and manufacture our products in our labs, from the acoustic design, through the construction of the shell (earphones), to the assembly of the components and the crossover, and then arriving at the final test of measuring these devices in a highly professional way according to IEC 711 and ANSI S23.25 standards. LivezoneR41 does not use commercial headphones that are adapted and mounted on supports for the ears, but uses MicroDrivers technology "Balanced Armature" that is selected and assembled according to the final acoustic result. In addition, our shells are made in respect to comfort and frequency response, in addition to the possibility of being customized.