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LZ 4 is composed of a dual “vented” driver for the lows (imagine a double 15 “woofer), and a dual-driver technology called “AcuPass” for the mediums and the highs.
The technology “AcuPass” uses an innovative low-pass acoustic filter. The construction of this acoustic filter minimizes interference between the midrange and tweeter, producing a frequency response that is more uniform and large, as well as minimizing the phase differences.
In fact, thanks to careful engineering the phase is highly linear over the entire audio band, and this results in a very wide and profound “scene sound”, where all the tools are clearly distinguishable.
“LZ 4” gives the listener a fast low, without hesitation, and an extremely real and detailed medium, with a clear, clean, and precise high.

A precise listening, you will discover details that you’ve never heard!
An exciting product for any genre of music.

“LIVE” option is not available for this model.

Customizable graphics (40 € for simple designs and the same for both earphones – 40 € per design for drawings of particular complexity and/or different for each ear).

Warranty: 30 days on the precise fit of the earphones and 1 year for defects in materials or workmanship on the Shell for the external as well as electronic components.
(Excluded from the warranty are breakage of the IEM and consumable materials such as cables)

Technical features

Risposta in frequenza

20 – 20 Khz


@ 1 Khz = 30 Ω


1 mW @ 1 Khz = 122 dB SPL


< 26 dB


Jack stereo 3,5 mm Standard


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