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LIVEZONE R41 (Italy) is directed to release the brand custom IEM product “LZ 4” the full silver body that is based on the universal in-ear monitors “LZ4 Valentina” the February 2016 late, will announce the product overview.

The product has a production in Silver body that had been said to be difficult to manufacture up to now based on LZ4 possible by the joint development with K2CRAFT (Japan).

Silver bodyi is, K2CRAFT precisely designed by its own technology, are produced in one by one handmade by jewelry craftsmen, the more excellent sound effects a highly sensitive sound quality of LZ4, was realized.

Full silver hausing of earphones it has been co-developed design by LIVEZONE R41 and K2CRAFT.

Technical features

Risposta in frequenza

20 – 20 Khz


@ 1 Khz = 30 Ω


1 mW @ 1 Khz = 122 dB SPL


< 26 dB


Jack stereo 3,5 mm Standard


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